Grill Tradition

Dixie Catering formerly Flynn’s Dixie Ribs restaurant opened its doors in 1958. Originally located at South Dixie Highway and Southwest 152 Street, serving thousands of healthy and delicious meals each week. In 1988, after 30 years of successful business, the land was sold for a shopping center, so Dixie Catering was formed to serve companies and private events, an undertaking which continues to the present day.

In 1997, the company, continuously growing since its start, expanded the already broad knowledge in food and began serving schools and day care centers, with the best and healthiest hot meals for kids. With the seriousness and dedication that we faced our new challenge with, many schools and day care centers put their trust in us, motivating us to become the top choice of kids’ meals delivery.

Committing ourselves to the highest quality standards, we put out over 2500 hot meals per day and 3500 cold box lunches. We are proud to mention that our track record for delivery is 100%.

This effectiveness is based on the limited number of delivery stops per vehicle providing meals fully cooked for student consumption.

We served over 625,000 meals in 2014. This was possible because of our well-trained staff and our cooks who have over 40 years’ of experience. They know in detail the perfect combination of nutrients and flavors required for a delicious meal; they are highly accustomed to making sure the food is delivered to you at the right temperature and right on time. We make sure everybody receives the best service!

We listen to our clients and adjust to any needs that they might have. In order to meet all of their individual needs, we believe communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings; which is why we work closely with our customers and why we provide the best service.

Our history in photos